IIO – 2018

Participation in holding a conference on housing development policies in IRAN.
The first axis: urban regeneration
– Methods of financing
– The role of actors in the realization of urban regeneration programs
– Codification of regulatory rules and regulations in order to facilitate activities in the worn-out urban and rural context
– Neighborhood-based approach in urban regeneration program
– Preservation of historical and valuable textures in urban regeneration

The second axis: new city, settlement or development of existing cities
– Review of land management policies
– The new generation of new smart cities
– Settlement, consequences, do’s and don’ts

The third axis: providing housing for low-income groups, urban and rural
– The effectiveness of housing policies and measures
– Design strategies for building low-income housing
– Improving the habitability of villages

Fourth axis: livable cities
– Global and local standards of a livable city
– Land management and housing issues
– Localization and design of sustainable housing units
– Urban and rural development plans
– Economy in a livable city

Fifth axis: human settlement
– The role of national urban policy (New Urban Policy) in the process of urban development
– The role of habitat in reducing risk and responding to crises
– Review the experiences of other countries in providing low-income housing