“IIO is the largest financial and investment event of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is held every 6 months with the approach of introducing the latest and most attractive projects that can be invested in this country outside of Iran. The event was attended by several hundred owners of Iran’s manufacturing and service industries in a completely professional atmosphere to introduce projects and face-to-face meetings.”
Amir Madadi

Our Story

Iran is one of the most attractive countries for investors in various industrial and service sectors. IIO is well aware of this potential. IIO started because there was a great need to introduce attractive opportunities in the international arena in a more professional and face-to-face way with industry owners. To this end, the IIO International Event was formed.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide transparent information on investment projects and opportunities in various fields of manufacturing and service industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as to create equal opportunities for various industries in the country in the field of attracting foreign capital.

Vision Statement

Being seen as a comprehensive and complete event in the field of introducing attractive investment opportunities and attracting foreign investors.