IRAN Investment Opportunities (IIO)

The biggest investment event with the most attractive opportunities
in islamic republic of IRAN

Why Iran ?

Rich natural resources, Iran and China 25 years Strategic Agreement, Iran — Silk Road Futures and Belt and Road, extensive economic benefits of investing in Iran due to its unique geoeconomic position And other benefits, all in IIO.

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What is IIO and what are the benefits for investors?

IIO is a unique event that is held with the approach of introducing profitable projects with high capital return rates for investors and the projects introduced in the field of all infrastructural and important industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The event will be held in 16-17 November 2021, Iran – Tehran, Both online and offline.

This event will be held in the field of all infrastructure and important industries with the participation of more than 250 participants in various industries and services such as energy, oil and gas, roads and urban planning, medicine, tourism, automobiles and so on.

Participation in this event requires the conditions of attendance. You can send your request to the e-mail address of the Secretariat of the Headquarters of this event so that our experts can provide the necessary guidance after reviewing your conditions and industry.

For more information about investment projects and related terms and conditions, you can refer to the projects section, get the necessary information or send your request to the following email so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible. Meeting with investors is possible during or after the event by sending an appointment request by sending an email to The conference secretariat will arrange your meeting, both online and in person, with the investors in the shortest possible time.

Why IIO ?

IIO is an introduction to investment opportunities in a country that is one of the largest holders of mines, as well as the world’s oil and gas resources, along with investment opportunities in various industries with very high ROI.

Oil & Gas
Iran ranks first in natural gas and third in world oil !

Very highest medical tourism, recreational tourism natural and historical attractions

Transportation & Raod

One of the most attractive countries to invest !

A strategic hub

The largest industrialized country in the Middle East and the best export hub in the Middle East


High demand & high ROI in invest to online businesses

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