List of industrial investment priorities with priority of mining industries:

  • 1– Products in oil and gas consumption reduction industries based on basic knowledge and new technologies such as polymeric materials, raw materials and more pharmaceuticals, human and animal vaccine platforms, new products, recombinant and biotechnology, new pharmaceutical products, Recombinant and biotechnology, high value-added health processes, similar colors and coatings with export and reaction performance (petrochemical and automotive catalysts)
  • 2– High value-added metal products based on new technology, especially special alloy and stainless steel products
  • 3– Food and beverage products with the ability to make changes such as authorized additives in the food industry, all kinds of food colors, essential oils, enzymes, emulsifiers, white fiber food), manufacturer of raw materials for the dry industry Pi), lactose monohydrate, production of basic ingredients of dietary supplements including omega-3 fatty acids, arachidonic acid and amino acids required whey powder pharmaceutical type (grade), human and animal probiotics and dairy starters ،
  • 4– Motor vehicles such as light and heavy vehicles, electric motorcycles, means of transportation by sea and rail, and required parts and assemblies.
  • 5– Machinery and industrial and mining equipment with priority of turbine engine, types of pumps and compressed air (compressors), all kinds of bearings, gears, mechanical equipment, power transmission, mining machines, machine tools and machines of production lines
  • 6– Rubber and plastic products have high added value with the priority of commercial vehicle tires
  • 7– Electrical machines and devices, home appliances, communication and computer devices, medical and optical equipment with medium to high technology optics
    8– Products of light industries based on new production methods with priority Materials, clothing and leather products, pulp and cellulose products
  • 9– Knowledge-based products with advanced technologies such as renewable energy, advanced materials, battery platforms, especially lithium batteries, genome and genetics related technologies, telecommunication switches and routers, storage devices, processors, related technologies FiveGs, modems, technologies based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as 3D printers, cloud computing Internet, big data analytics and sensors.